• TheStarman

    I'm here to announce  that I will be leaving Team Omniverse, this wiki and the MAD wiki.

    One of the reasons is that roleplaying against Mariah got old very quickly and Mariah doesn't even bother showing up here while I'm the leader. Another reason is that I grew out of roleplaying and it's kind of sad to continue it until the time has come. The third reason is that this wiki hasn't been updated lately (other than Looney Tunes related character pages), and I ran out of ideas for episodes. The final and most important reason is that Team Omniverse is consuming all of my time from real life, especially since I have big plans for summer and I don't want anything Team Omniverse related ruining any of those plans.

    You've all been great, so good lu…

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  • TheStarman

    Hi folks

    May 26, 2013 by TheStarman

    Starman here again, I just want to say Season 8's cancelled and I'm now retired again.

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  • TheStarman

    The Simpsons Dinner

    November 1, 2012 by TheStarman

    Chapter OIne

    Marge had to tell the Homer news. "I am glucky that my sisters are coming over do dinner" "OH DOH" and he dropped his hammer on foot because he was fixing dog house of Sanas little holper when the big news came and he was so shocked of anger that he dorped it right on his so much toes.

    Chapter Two they come over

    Pass the onions "No, Selma" and Homer ate so many opork chops that he went "I dont feel so good" and ran to the bathroom "Hwere did homer go" "He went to bathroom dont call your father homer" And maggie create suck noise and shurgged her shoulders because it is all about homers eating too much all the time. Mr. Burns cammed over and rung the doorbelt. Marge took off her apron "Ill get it. don't be a hurry" But turns out a…

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  • TheStarman

    5. Barney's Special Power (I don't know about you guys, but I kinda liked this episode because it looked "honest")

    4. Cowboys and Omniverse Force (Wikimaster must love the spies so much that they put them as the only heroes in this episode)

    3. Enter Albino (Again, a Wikimaster forced episode)


    1. Dora, The New Avatar?!?!?!?! (My only favorite part of this episode is where Hulk punches Dora out of the way due to lack of screen time)

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