Bill Nye Fanboy was not happy about what was going on these days. Three new member had joined Team Omniverse, which meant he had to take care of three more whiners. Three more rooms in Team Omniverse HQ, and to get new rooms lot of money will have to be paid. His Skylanders games were mysteriously disappearing one by one, and Solid and Mariah was as evil as ever.

He missed the olden days. Every time he was alone in his room, he would sigh, get up, take out a red, dusty box from under the bed. Nobody knew about this box except him. He would look at the photos in the box, and smile. And whenever he came across an old, tattered photo of Wikimaster, he would pause, frozen in his spot, then shut the box and put it back where it was. Then he would do something else, such as looking for his lost Skylanders games.

Here is a story of a boy, a girl, an anime series, and love.

Chapter 1

(This chapter will be coming fairly soon)

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