Chapter 1

Spike was justy walking down some street that you dont know until he saw a sapceship flying across him "wat was that" spiek claims until he saw Sir Daniel jump out fo the spacesuit,.. "hmmp hmpp hmhphmmph" he said poetically. "I donut know wahat you said but i'll haunt you and fire you" Spike says happily. they had a fight and spoke won.

Capter too

Spike was confussed about Danfort coming across him, so he went to the local i scram truck where he sawl the one and only sweet tooth "No cookies for you spike?" said S.T> "you cant be greedy, only one cookie a year" "scre you im taking me cookies" Spiek ingorned "meh babbys" sayd Sweet Teeth you "have to abttle me first" then Sweet Tetherball threw cookies and him and Sweet Tooth explodeed " that/ close" said spike

Chapter 2: Episode 1

Spike was relly cosfusing about dan n' tooth getting in his own way, until parappa showed up for yes readson "yoyoyo give me yo lunch money, belive" "how about no" sayid Speck and threw a stun bluk in paroppers face "oh believe you belive can believe have believe you believe monch believe loney believe back beliece" OK saed Spke

Chapter 5

S'puke is now insane about his consufisng ways until he saw Sackboy sitting down, spike sayd "wanan got some i scream" (Sackboy said yes) and the 200 of them walked away

but wait........

meanline While Pinky and the Brain fly in their iron man suits, "balst, spork got away" said brain "narf, we gotta do brawn" pinky said. "we'll try to take over the world" "narf k"

The end

Slike and Sackboi enjoied the freking' ice c'rrom


atcutally NOT the fin

S'porke and shackboy suddenly realz it eas Sweet Chee cks and disgusted. :o said sahkboy 'we have to strip him" say spike and they stoped Tweeth Soothn explod'd

chapter 3.14

Spikke and boy of sack defeated Dr. Tooth and decisd to eat dinnor like sirs , then spike ate to omany osteak that he wan i dont fell so good and threw up on cole macgrath, suddenly elecenergyicaly shocking.

Chaptur inflonty

Pike and Sacbou finnally faced pinkei and th eb rain and killed them

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