aka Frank Cornelius Johnson Jr.

  • I live in Upper Marlboro, Maryland
  • I was born on November 30
  • FrankCJohnsonJr

    This is Liquid, ever wonder why I'm not active on this wiki for 2 weeks? Well, I have a reason why. I, Frank Cornelius Johnson Jr., of Upper Marlboro, Maryland, has decided to grow up. That's right, I've been out of the wiki for 2 weeks so I can take life lessons on how to grow up. Fortunately, Elizabeth and my family taught me how to grow up really fast. I will still take my rightful place as a member of Team Omniverse. And I will no longer say "ignoring" and and say insults like "punky" and "fatty". And yes I've read the Sockpuppetry Thread, and I will deny that Solid is not me, if Solid is me, would he use proper sentences and punctuation? I don't think so.

    So I'm now back in this wiki, and I've grown up.

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