Tom Hanks and Friends is the 10th episode of Season 5.


Even though Tom Hanks is winning the battle against Team Mariah, he decides to get his own team based on the characters he played in his movies (Josh Baskin (Big), Det. Scott Turner (Turner and Hooch), Sam Baldwin (Sleepless in Seattle), Andrew Beckett (Philidelphia), Forrest Gump (Forrest Gump), Captian John H. Miller (Saving Private Ryan), Chuck Noland (Cast Away), The Polar Express Conductor (Polar Express), and Woody (Toy Story).


  • This is the second appearence of Tom Hanks, the third in the Dino Baby story arc, and the first appearence of some characters played by Tom Hanks.


Tom Hanks - Himself and his characters

Mariah - Herself

George Lopez - Mr. Electric

Tim Allen - Buzz Lightyear