The Omniverse Rangers Strike Back (Original title: It's Morphin' Time... Again) is the 12th episode of Season 5. This is a sequel to It's Morphin' Time and the final part of the Dino Baby story arc.


After Mariah's dino baby is born, the Omniverse Rangers have to battle it.... in a stadium!

Oh, and Tom Hanks is the referee.


  • In the audience in the stadium, you can see The Recess Gang (from Recess), The Mystery Inc. Gang (from Scooby-Doo), Sex Bob-Omb (from Scott Pilgrim), The Rugrats and the Adults (from Rugrats), The Simpsons family, Steve (from Blue's Clues), The 11th Doctor (from Doctor Who), and Santa Claus.
    • And as a special bonus, the original storyboard version included ToeJam & Earl in the audience!!!!!
  • It's revealed that the stadium is located on the outskirts of Eastland, the third-from-middle part of the Cyberworld.
  • This is the second appearence of Spike, Teela, He-Man, Rocky, and Bullwinkle. (Spike, He-Man, and Teela would join Team Starman after this episode, along with Jimmy (Ape Escape), while Rocky and Bullwinkle went off to Team BNFB.)
  • Once again, the MMPR morph sequence is used.
  • CREDITS SCENE: After the battle, only Santa is seen in the audience, and he is shocked that it's Christmas Eve and he needs to go deliver presents to the world, FAST!
  • The finale of the Dino Baby story arc, and Tom Hanks' 4th appearence. He returns again in future Omniverse Rangers eps.


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