Reptar Takes Over a Magical Land! is the Season 2 premiere of WWWW. This marks the debut of Reptar's Power Land, making Barney's Magical Land history.


Stu Pickles plans a vote-off against Barney to see who will be the mayor of Barney's Magical Land. (SPOILER ALERT) Stu wins. (END SPOILERS)


  • This is the first episode to feature Stu Pickles and Reptar's Power Land.
  • Michael Bell reprises his role as Allstar Seaworthy from The Snorks.
    • And it also appears that Allstar appears right towards the end of the "Vote-off" scene, and at the end of it, he calls for an ad break, but surprisingly, the commercial breaks for this episode during it's first broadcast on MAD Wiki (As well as the bumpers) were retained on DVD.
      • Interestingly, Michael Bell also reprises his roles as Drew Pickles and Chaz Finster.
  • GOOF - If you look REALLY carefully, you can see the "SpaceBuzz Airlines" plane from the first MAD Wiki broadcast and the DVD version of the Pilot during the election.
  • To celebrate Chuck Norris winning the Presidential Election, The Omniverse Network made a "Best Episodes EVER Countdown" before the premiere, and this was ranked #1.
  • Alis Spotting 6: In the crowd of Stu Pickles voters if you look VERY carefully. Replaced by a Pipo Monkey after Girl Power/Slime.


BNFB - Himself (Pre-TOATCF dub)

Richard Steven Horvitz - Starman

Teleram - Himself (Pre-TOATCF dub)

Mariah - Herself

Jack Riley - Stu Pickles

Michael Bell - Allstar Seaworthy, Drew Pickles, Chaz Finster

Tim Allen - Buzz Lightyear

Dean Wendt - Barney

J.G. Quintel - BNFB (Current reruns)

Doug Walker - Teleram (Current reruns)