(Intro plays)

(The episode begins at Mariah Markel's room at Barney the Dinosaur's house - 9:00 PM)

Barney the Dinosaur: Have you got ready for bed yet, Mariah?

Mariah Markel: I sure have, Barney! I took my bath, I got my pajamas on, I brushed my teeth, and I even got to read a bedtime story all by myself!

Barney: Oh, good for you! Now, it's time for you to get into bed, and get a good night sleep!

Mariah: Ok, Barney! (pulls the sheets and covers, gets into bed, lays her head down on the pillow, then, Barney tucks her in)

Barney: Nighty night, Mariah! I love you!

Mariah: I love you too, Barney! (yawns) Nighty night! (falls asleep)

(Barney magically turns off Mariah's light, walks out of her room, then closes her door)

(BUT - at the Team Omniverse headquarters...)

Teleram: Say, what's that thing?

BNFB: It's a Mariah-in-a-Box.

Starman: What's it do?

BNFB: I'm gonna use it to freak the heck out of Mariah at 3:00 AM tonight so she can FINALLY get over Barney.

Teleram: But how will you withstand staying up that late?

BNFB: Double epresso and some electro-pop music. It helps keep me awake.

(Later, at 2:45 AM...)

BNFB: (Quietly) Now, to wait for my plan to scare her, and get her over Barney.


(BNFB opens Mariah's window, then winds the Mariah-in-a-Box until a Mariah doll pops out)

Mariah Doll: I don't do Barney!

(Then, Mariah freaks out as if the F-14 is about to shoot her with thermonuclear lasers.)

Mariah: (wakes up, screams, gets out of bed, and runs to Barney's room) BARNEY!!!!

(Then, BNFB laughs harder than a hyena)


(Barney peacefully sleeps in his bed, even though married couples sleep on the same bed, until...)

Mariah: (gets into Barney's room) BARNEY!!!

Barney: (sleepily) What do you want, Mariah? It's 3:00 in the morning!

Mariah: Barney, I saw a doll that looked like me, and it FREAKED ME OUT!

Barney: Was it one of your nightmares?

Mariah: No! It was real! I'll show you! (grabs Barney's hand and runs to her room with him)

Barney: (pants) But... you don't... have to... rush!

Mariah: I must, because I saw that doll! I bet it was one of Bill Nye Fanboy's tricks!

(They run until...)

Mariah: Huh? It was just here a minute ago!

Barney: I think it was one of your nightmares!

Mariah: No, Barney! It was Bill Nye Fanboy!

Barney: Well, why don't you wish that he and his friends were never here!

Mariah: Great idea, Barney! (goes to her window and looks up at the stars) Star light, star bright! First star I see tonight! I wish I may, I wish I might! Have the wish I wish tonight!

Man From Distance: That wasn't a star you saw. That's Venus, dummy.

Mariah: I DON'T CARE!

(A star twinkles and comes to life)

Star: What is your wish?

Mariah: I wish that Team Omniverse never existed!

Star: I don't accept phoney-baloney wishes like THAT. I saw them saving the planet Skrei from an icy disast-- Uh-oh, this is the part where I swell up into a red giant and then a white dwarf. (Dies)

(But the next morning...)

Barney: (sleepily) Oh boy, I'm so tired!

Mariah: (sleepily) Ugh! Me too! Do you think we had a... (yawns) party in every room?

Barney: (sleepily) I think we... (yawns) did! (falls asleep and snores)

(Mariah falls asleep and snores too)

(Back at HQ...)

BNFB: Oh, MAN! That was my FINEST MOMENT!!! By the way, did you see the star death in the sky last night? I have a video recording to prove there even WAS! (Starts the recording, then after a while, we see the star death recorded) Any questions?

Starman and Teleram: How did that star even know about the disaster on Skrei?

BNFB: Maybe it's this mini video camera I found outside before that convention. Maybe.... WE'RE BEING WATCHED!!!!!! By the sky.

(Meanwhile, far-off...)

Pluto: Ugh, I hate years on my planet. Only 247 to go.

Mercury: Yeah, Pluto years stink, they stink, they stink!

(Back on Earth...)

BNFB: And I bet that the mini video camera even caught me scaring Mariah out of her Barney love with that Mariah-In-A-Box! But let's see your reaction. (Winds the Mariah-in-a-Box, and then the doll springs out)

Mariah Doll: I don't like Barney!

Starman: That doesn't scare us at all.

Teleram: Yeah, it's enough to get her out of the Barney obsession.