Bill Nye Fanboy
BNFB doing what he does best- being narcisstic
Vital statistics
Team Team BNFB
Gender Male
Franchise Real-life
Species Human
Abilties Narcissism, Frankie Senses, Arrogance

Bill Nye Fanboy is a current member/former member of Team Omniverse. He is an avid fan of classic TV shows from days gone by and really epic video games. He used to be friends with Starman and Teleram until Teleram accused him of being a jerk.

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  • Starting with the episode Team Omniverse and the Chocolate Factory, he is voiced by J.G. Quintel, the creator of Regular Show and the voice of Mordecai in said program. (Thus, repeats of old episodes have Quintel dub BNFB's lines.)
  • Know why he fired the Skylanders? It's because the uses are driving Starman and Teleram OFF THE DEEP END! And another thing: He used to act like he was having the Skylands Flu (Which is similar to the Hawaiian cat flu, only your cat doesn't go Hawaiian when the owner mentions Hawaii, and you go all Skylanders crazy), until he straightened up. It looked like he was going to have the ALF Flu... until he decided to go back in time to stop Wikimaster before Shaymin can come up with Team Omniverse's name!
  • He's a bit full of himself, but cool at the same time.
  • He's the writer of the fanon MAD episode Skylander High/Charlie Brown in Charge, featured in Brad McKinney Begins.
  • Strangely, he prefers to be a Retro-Brony, but not a modern Brony like everyone else.
  • The most common T-shirt he wears reads "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?" and is in dark red. The rarest one was a bright orange one with the NBC logo on it, and he only wore it in The Psychic Sense.
  • He gained his pwnage power one day, when he was bored. Some time later, Teleram took the power away from him. This drove him into retirement.
  • Everyone nagged him to get an account but he refused. So then he apologized for everything bad he ever did to the team. This is a clear example of BNFB's selfish personality. However, in the summer, he'll branch out over Wikia and discover new links to what he loves... maybe even settle down on Skylanders Wiki!